Sam and melanie

Melanie's personality is the complete opposite of Sam she gets straight A's follows all the rules and goes to a fancy boarding school on a scholarship which means she is often out of town but comes to Seattle to visit her family much to Sam's distress she is also girly and more of a sweet classy girl of the two since Melanie is the opposite of Sam Sam admits that Melanie makes her sick.

On iTwins Freddie believes that Sam is just trying to prank him when Melanie comes to visit he wanted to prove that he wasn't gullible after being tricked by Carly, Kayla and Sam that it was school Day at school. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Personality Edit Melanie's personality is the complete opposite of Sam she gets straight A's follows all the rules and goes to a fancy boarding school on a scholarship which means she is often out of town but comes to Seattle to visit her family much to Sam's distress she is also girly and more of a sweet classy girl of the two since Melanie is the opposite of Sam Sam admits that Melanie makes her sick.

History Edit On iTwins Freddie believes that Sam is just trying to prank him when Melanie comes to visit he wanted to prove that he wasn't gullible after being tricked by Carly, Kayla and Sam that it was school Day at school.

Categories :. Cancel Save. Studio albums. Jennette McCurdy. Extended plays.Following Dean 's incarceration in Helltheir relationship took a big leap forward as they began to get physically intimate. Ruby was also entirely responsible for his demon blood addiction. She was ultimately killed at the hands of both brothers. Ruby knew about Sam before they met. She knew he was the last surviving special child that Azazel had plans for.

Before they meet face to face, Ruby watched Sam from afar. Sam did notice Ruby following him; however, when he turned around, she would vanish. They finally meet when Sam is overwhelmed by three demons at once, and she conveniently steps in. Sam and Ruby meet when Sam is about to be killed by a demon. She comes up and kills them all using her special knife.

Sam had recognized her as the girl following him earlier, and wondered who the hell she was. After that, she pops in on Sam in a diner and starts eating some of his french fries.

Sam asks about her knife, but Ruby doesn't tell him much other than it comes in handy when tracking down demons. Sam follows up by asking why she is following him. She remarks she likes a tall man and that she's interested in him. The sole survivor of Yellow Eye's special children. She continues on by telling Sam there still are plans out there for Sam, especially after what the yellow-eyed demon did to Mary and her friends.

Sam looks confused, so Ruby grabs his hand and tells Sam that he has some work to do and to call her when he is done. Sam calls Ruby later and tells her his discoveries. Ruby tells Sam that Yellow Eyes was covering his tracks. Sam demands her to tell him who she really and Ruby reveals she's a demon. She also tells Sam she can help with getting Dean out of his deal. Ruby tells Sam if he kills her, she can't help Dean. She tells Sam to think of her as the little fallen angel on Sam's shoulder when she tells Sam hes going to have to do things that go against his nature.Samuel Pack Elliott born August 9, is an American actor.

Elliott is known for his distinctive lanky physique, full mustache, and deep, resonant voice. His film breakthrough was in the drama Lifeguard Other film credits from the early s include as John Buford in the historical drama Gettysburg and as Virgil Earp in the Western Tombstone also In the s, Elliott appeared in supporting roles in the drama We Were Soldiersand the superhero films Hulkand Ghost Rider Inhe guest-starred on the series Justifiedwhich earned him a Critics' Choice Television Awardand in began starring in the Netflix series The Ranch.

He subsequently had a lead role in the comedy-drama The Hero Elliott spent his teenage years living in northeast Portland[8] and graduated from David Douglas High School in After his graduation from Clark inElliott re-enrolled at the University of Oregon and pledged at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity.

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In the late s, Elliott relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting, which his father had dissuaded him from doing, instead urging him to obtain a college degree. He was a hard worker. Elliott began his career as a character actor ; his appearance, voice, and bearing were well-suited to Westerns. That same year he appeared in the show Lancer in the episode "Death Bait", playing Renslo. Elliott played Tom Keating in the miniseries Aspen in He later played an abusive wife-killer in the miniseries Murder in Texas opposite Farrah Fawcett and his future wife Katharine Ross[18] and starred with Cheryl Ladd in A Death in California Elliott had a supporting role in Mask opposite Cherand he played a sympathetic father figure in the Christmas film Prancer The role allowed him to play Houston as both fighter and a man who grew into a skillful political leader; the film depicted his disgrace as governor of Tennessee, his return to his Cherokee Nation friends, and his pivotal role in the liberation of Texas from Mexico in Elliott played Wade Garrett in Road House He then played General Thunderbolt Ross in the action film Hulk.

Inhe appeared in Thank You for Smoking as a former Marlboro Man advertisement cowboy who has developed lung cancer. In he provided the voice for the character Ben the Cow in the animated film Barnyard.

InElliott joined the comic book adaptation Ghost Rider.Melanie is werewolf who unknowingly encountered the Apocalypse World version of Michael.

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She later came to serve under Michael as he planned to unleash his monsters on the world. Melanie went out with Michael who was possessing Dean Winchester and went back to his room. Melanie dropped her guise as flirting with him and attempted to attack him but was easily overpowered and ordered to summon her pack leader.

Pam Puckett

Melanie also told Philippe not to refuse as she believed Michael to be a god. She was present at the meeting and called out by Philippe for her act of leading them to be discovered. She was shocked to learn of Michael's status as an Archangel as was Philippe before they learned he wanted to ally with them and enslave humanity. She was later present as Michael briefed his followers on his upcoming attack.

Sam Puckett

Melanie later passed out grace to Garth and a new recruit as a way of enlisting them but warns them of the recent failures. She and Michael later discuss the location of the spear and Kaia. When the building comes under attack, she sees it from the cameras and tries to flee but as she reaches the elevator, Sam Winchester is present and promptly decapitates her. After being reminded that he was possessed by Michael, Dean remembered Michael's original encounter with Melanie.

Melanie possessed all the powers of a werewolf though stronger due to her being grace-enhanced. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. Categories :.

sam and melanie

Cancel Save.Samantha "Sam" Puckett is born April 17, is the deuteragonist of iCarly and co-host of the webshow. She is the best friend of Carly and Freddie. She is also the ex-girlfriend of Freddie Benson and Jonah. In iTwins episode, it was revealed that she has a twin sister, Melanie Puckett.

The two seem different in many respects. Sam is portrayed as a tomboyish, sarcastic, aggressive, and sometimes-bullying bad girl, who has no respect for the rules or other people except Carly, Freddie, Spencer, and Gibby, sometimes.

It is possible that her bad girl demeanor is just a wall so people can't get close to her and then hurt her. Consequently, she frequently gets into trouble. But she is also a beautiful and kind person who cares deeply for her friends. She also has a Butter Sock, which is a sock filled with butter, and used it numerous times.

On the show, Sam has been mentioned to have been in a juvenile detention center twice.

sam and melanie

Carly mentioned that Sam has a therapist to discuss her issues. She can be bossy at times but can also have a big heart. She is also witty, caring, and ingenious. Usually, she is not a girly-girl. In season 5, Sam's style is sort of in the middle of a tomboy and girly-girl, and in the earlier seasons, Sam was a huge tomboy. If possible, she avoids any kind of work unless Carly forces her to do it.

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She is also very prideful, which is why Carly and Freddie had to use a trick from a willing iCarly fan to have her keep the money she got from a "tipster" at work. Another example was in iMust Have Lockerwhen she builds an entertainment center and even programmed the "Random Dancing" bit from iCarly into their locker.

It was also implied in iDate A Bad Boy when she could specifically tell what changes she wanted Freddie to make to her website. Also, in iHate Sam's Boyfriend, she set up her phone so that whenever Jonah texts her, his voice can be heard saying, "It's me!!

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For a girl of her size and age, she is shown to have amazing physical strength. In iKiss, she ripped off Carly's door chain with her bare hands though this was fueled by angerand she occasionally flips or wrestles people who are much bigger than herself, such as Ricky Flame iCookJapanese security guards iGo to JapanJocelyn iMake Sam Girlierand also had Adam over her shoulder in iStart a Fanwar.

If she wants to make Freddie go somewhere he doesn't want to, she usually just lifts him over her shoulder. This feat even caused him to ask, "How do you do this?! In iQuit iCarly, she and Fleck pushed a car in the garage, and she pulled up Carly from falling of a scaffold. In iPsycho, she demonstrated that she knows the Vulcan nerve pinch from "Star Trek", and in iLove You, she made one of Freddie's Train Club members pass out by squeezing his wrist.

Perhaps her most prominent trait is her immense appetite and love for food especially meat or anything meat-flavored. In iWin a Date, she finished a gigantic bowl of salad in no time, while everyone else had trouble with their food. If she's hungry, she wouldn't care if someone else already ate from a food item, as demonstrated in iHeart Art and iMake Sam Girlier. At different times, she kept a microwave, a grill or a crockpot in her locker and occasionally eats breakfast in class.

She also carries fried chicken and ribs with her in her purse, as revealed in iWas A Pageant Girl. Carly said in her birthday speech that Sam can eat an entire ham in less than 15 minutes, although in iPilot she had difficulties in eating one, stating that ham shouldn't have a bone in the middle.

Sam seems to be somewhat of an artist, drawing very elaborate doodles as seen from drawing Jonah, drawing a bunny in jail, as well as drawing Freddie eaten by a tiger. She also comments that, "All creative people worry that their stuff is lame. It's an artist thing. In iLost My Mind, Sam paints a realistic portrait of a hand with the thumb and index finger raised against a purple background. Sam humorously said she was finger-painting. She says "Ti consiglio di fare gli auguri di compleanno a Carly ora, altrimenti ti spezzo le gambe!He was the brother-in-law of Big Jimthe uncle of Junior and the brother of Pauline.

He was also the second most trusted member of the Kinship. Until Junior killed him. InSam was a teenager attending Chester's Mill highschool. He dated his sister's Pauline friend Melanie Cross.

One night, they were in a forest where a meteorite fell. Nestled within the meteorite they found a mysterious glowing eggwhich Melanie grabbed and ran off with, being instinctively drawn to protect it. Lyle, cautious that the egg might be dangerous, was opposed to the idea, and pushed Melanie, causing her to fall and hit her head on the meteor.

She cracked her skull and died on impact. Sam, Pauline and Lyle wanted to keep it secret, so decided to dispose of her body in the lake.

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Sam is known as the local drunk, his massive guilt over Melanie plus the consequent apparent death of his sister Pauline precipitated his drinking problem. The overt drinking caused him to lose his job, and led to him living in relative seclusion at a cabin near the lake just outside of Chester's Mill.

Before the Dome came down he called Linda Esquivel to tell her that he heard some kind of a "bang". Sam is at his cabin near the lake, when the the dome turns solid white and Sam runs out to look at it. He finds Julia pulling out an unknown girl out of the water.

How Jennette McCurdy was able to play both Sam \u0026 Melanie on iCarly \u0026 Sam \u0026 Cat

Sam manages to revive the girl, and then help them both to his cabin. There, he dresses Julia's gunshot wound and takes care of the girl. When the girl wakes up, she runs way. Sam appears to recognize her and looks at one of the sketches in a book he has.

The sketch is identical to Melanie Cross. His lost love, who died more than two decades ago and seems not to have aged a day since. He then comes into town looking for her. Angie looks in the locker and sees something, shocking her. Angie turns and screams as an axe is swung at her, slashing her head off-screensplattering blood across the lockers and leaves a bloody handprint.

Later, Sam is revealed to be Angie's killer. Sam reveals to Julia that he is Big Jim's brother-in-law and shows her the sketch Pauline made of Melanie. Sam and Julia investigate Angie's body, and find evidence that a man was responsible for Angie's death.Just take a good look at your future because this is where you're heading " — Pam to her daughter. In the first three seasons, she was only seen on-screen oncebut has been referred to numerous times.

She is 49 years old.

sam and melanie

In iParty with Victoriousit was said that Sam's father "once told [her] he was coming back," implying that he left Pam when Sam and Melanie were little.

She can be aggressive, cruel and immature, but tries hard to be a good mother towards Sam and Melanie even though she doesn't seem to know how. She is only talked about in a negative light throughout the show. There is an exception in iSam's Momwhen she and Sam are making up and say they love each other.

She is shown to be quite irresponsible at times, such as when she drove a car right after having had laser eye surgery and ended up destroying the locker with her car when she drove it into one of the school's walls due to her bad eyesight at that time. She also has poor planning skills which led to Sam and Melanie being born on a busdoesn't feed Sam, and rarely gets up before noon.

Although Pam has never been arrested according to Carly's and Freddie's blogs at iCarly. This is shown in iMeet Fred when her license and car have been taken by the police and in iCook when Sam says she usually gets her mom out of bed by screaming, "There's a cop at the door, and he's got a warrant!

Furthermore, Pam dated an electrician named Douglas according to Sam. She is also shown to date new men every week and according to one of Sam's blogs isn't very picky in choosing her boyfriends. In iSam's Momshe immediately started hitting on the therapist. Meet Sam's mom, Pam! She's just like Sam except she's older, louder, and she's got way more misdemeanor charges.

In iGot a Hot Roomit is stated that she really likes Italian guys. It was mentioned in iMeet The First Lady that she was engaged 18 times. According to one of Sam's blogs, her mother maintains poor hygiene and in iFind Lewbert's Lost LoveSam mentions her mom doesn't shave her armpits. Her more crazy quirks include her wearing her new bikinis around the house to "break them in" or beating up her old television with a baseball bat when she buys a new one an activity Sam apparently takes part in.

Sam also says her mom screams at the pet cat to get a job, but it's questionable if she really screams at the cat or if Sam just doesn't want to realize her mother is actually screaming at her. In iStage an Interventionshe even shows an attempt at parenting when she tries to ground Sam and make her clean her room.

In iSam's Momthe viewers finally get to see Pam for themselves.

sam and melanie

In the episode, Sam and Pam fight, and Sam moves in with Carly. Because Sam is a horrible roommate, Carly tries to get the two to make up. A caption in the gallery to iSam's Mom on iCarly. She's just like Sam except older, louder, and she's got WAY more misdemeanor charges. In iParty with Victoriousit is stated that she once took "special vitamins" that made her really happy and cheery. Also, whenever Melanie comes home for some time, Pam apparently spends time with her.

Pam has several tattoos on her body, like a tattoo of a foot on her foot.

Sam and melanie